NYI Dog Chew Toys Dinosaur Dental Toy for Strong Chewers Baking Soda Infused

$18.99 $10.99

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  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Made of non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly rubber material, which is soft and elastic. Meanwhile, Super safe! They’re natural looking and feeling.
  • DINOSAUR SKULL SHAPE:This fun dinosaur skull shape will keep your pup enticed and distracted for hours on end. GREAT FOR STUFFING: The stuffable NYI DINOSAUR SKULL is even more enticing when stuffed with kibble, peanut butter, Snacks or Ziggies into the DINOSAUR SKULL MOUTH . Dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Let your dog fight the dinosaur and grab food from its mouth, standing at the top of the food chain.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE :This NYI DINOSAUR SKULL Toy is made of extremely durable, all natural rubber to stand the most aggressive chewers. While no dog toys are truly indestructible, this one is top level.
  • BEEF FLAVOR: We use only 100% real food ingredients for flavor and scent. this beef flavor doggy chew satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincts.Pet NYI dinosaur BEEF FLAVOR barkbone dog Chews has no artificial preservatives.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Dogs are sometimes unpredictable. This chew toy has been tested by German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador, Golden retrievers and many other power chewers in countless times, but except aggressive Pitbulls. That’s why we can offer LifeTime Replacement Guarantee.There is something wrong with the chew toy, just click “Contact Us” and we will be happy to assist you with replacement or refund.


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